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Garage Door Springs, Repair & Replacement Services

Our garage door springs, repair & replacement services guarantee top quality across the board. We are one of the leading if not the Leading Garage Door service with over a decade of experience. In our experience garage door springs, i.e., the extension and torsion springs tend to be the most common cause for failure. However, the springs tend to fail more often in cheaper doors as they are made from lower quality material. That said all garage door springs eventually fail and when that happens, it is essential to replace it ASAP as it puts you and your family in danger.

Professional Spring Repair and Replacement

When it comes to garage door springs, two primary types of garage door springs tend to fail. The first is called Torsion Springs, and the other are extension springs. The failure of either of these springs or both is merit for immediate replacement. Though it is essential to know what each one does so you understand the importance we are highlighting.

Torsion Springs: These types of springs are usually located parallel across the top of the garage door. They are easily identifiable with drums on each side. These springs are under a lot of tension but which allows for the garage door to operate efficiently.

Extension Springs: You will find these springs on both sides of the garage door. They work similar to a rubber band as they stretch when the door is closed and will constrict when opened.

Garage Door Spring Repair Service - Elite® Garage Door Repair Of Ogden

We Guarantee Quality Garage Door Spring Replacement

When garage door springs fail, the only solution is to replace them. But even then, there are different quality aftermarket springs. Lower quality springs as stated above will not last as long. So, if you want to save money in the long term, it is essential to use the best quality springs. We only use springs that are rated for up to 50,000 cycles. That guarantees a pretty long, trouble-free service life.

We replace all Faulty Springs

Some garage doors have two springs which ensure the efficient management and operation of the door. When one of the springs fail, the other one most likely follows in a few days. That’s why to save clients from future inconveniences we will replace both springs. If anything replacing both springs also protects them from future damage to the garage door.

The critical thing when replacing the springs is size. Garage Doors come in various sizes and with different weights depending primarily on the material. For instance, steel doors will be heavier than wooden ones. So, springs need to be chosen which isn’t just rated for that size and weight of the door but is also the same size as the one being replaced. That’s why our experts run a balance test once the springs are replaced to ensure that they are working correctly.

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If you suspect that the garage door springs have failed then call us right now. We will inspect the door and provide you with a detailed quote.

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