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At Elite Garage Door and Gate Repair in Utah, we are one of the leading suppliers of top-quality garage door repair and maintenance parts. Our inventory consists of only commercial-grade, time-tested parts that have been shown to be durable. You can learn more about the most essential garage door parts available with us below.

Torsion Springs

The quality of the torsion springs used matters a great deal. Our torsion springs are powder-coated, made from heavy-duty materials guaranteeing a high number of cycles, safety, and excellent lifting capacity. It is common knowledge amongst garage door repair specialists that the lifting cycles depend on the quality of the torsion springs. Each cycle is counted every time the garage door swings open and then into the closed position. The better quality spring the more cycles it can bear, in which case our Springs have a minimum of 33,000 cycles. To put things into context 33,000 cycles is around four times more than the industry standard. Also, these springs are not readily available anywhere else.

Aluminum Drums

Aluminum drums need to be durable and light. The drums also need to be strong enough to lift the garage door. Each drum measuring 12’ needs to lift around 275 lbs, which is more compared to the 8’ drums which can only lift 265 lbs. Our drums can raise just about any garage door regardless of age or weight.


Cables run from the garage door over from the drums right to the bracket on the bottom of the door. The cables using a torsion system are under extreme pressure. When the cables wear out, there is always the danger of them snapping, and causing damage to property and injury. However, that’s where the cables we have stand out. Each cable is of excellent quality, measuring 1/8” in thickness. There are more wires per strand of cable than the established industry standard. A thicker cable means prolonged service life and the fact that it can withstand extreme temperatures and stress.

Nylon Tire Rollers

One of the best features of our rollers is that they are whisper quiet. Each roller can withstand over 80,000 cycles without failure ensuring a smooth and trouble-free garage door.

End-Bearing Plates

Made from 12-gauge steel plates, they are the basis of the torsion system and so need to be the most durable parts. The steel balls of each plate are designed to rotate smoothly with minimal mechanical noise. The system can also help to minimize stress on the garage door system. We also have zinc-plated brackets made from top-quality 12-gauge steel for added durability.

Center-Bearing Bracket

The brackets need to be the strongest part of the system, and so they are made from 11-gauge steel, which is more than capable of supporting the torsion system’s shaft. The bracket ensures quiet and smooth operation, while also ensuring that it can withstand extreme weather and extended loads.

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