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New Garage Doors, Installation, Replacement and Service

Is your garage door damaged beyond repair? Do you think it is way too old to be around anyways and its time to get a new more secure garage door? We can help you. We can help you choose between traditional, carriage house style and numerous other garage doors. Not only that once you have made your choice our new garage doors, installation, replacement and service will take care of the rest.

Elite Garage Door is one of the leading expert installers and replacement services. We back all the work we do with a warranty. Whether you are getting a new steel garage door installed from scratch or replacing a traditional garage door with a carriage house style door, we can help you. Not only that but when we install your garage door, it is done in a way so that it lasts longer and does not void its warranty. Plus all the work is completed in the shortest time possible, so you’re up and running in no time.

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Which Garage Door Style Should You Choose?

A garage door is not only to protect your home from intruders but also to improve the look and feel. The New Garage Door you choose should be based on the home’s architectural style and overall personal preferences. If anything, the right door will add curb appeal and increase the value of your home.

There are a couple of different types of garage door styles from which you can choose which include:

  • Recessed Panel Garage Doors – Now these are the type of doors most of us would remember growing up. It has a retro look and now it is making a comeback. The style has been revived owing to increasing demand and is an excellent choice for the nostalgic bunch.
  • Raised Panel Garage Doors – These happen to be the most popular with their numerous windows and glass options. You can choose from elongated panels to ones that are raised or flatter.
  • Aluminum with Glass Garage Doors – Aluminum doors usually have a clean industrial design which looks great on most homes.
  • Carriage House Garage Doors – These are very trendy doors and installing them will make your home stand out in the neighborhood. It gives homes a new upmarket look with style.
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Professional Installation

Regardless of the type and style of garage door, you choose we will make sure to install it most professionally. Our new garage doors, installation, replacement, and service includes not just installing the new door, but we will also haul away the old door to dispose of it. As an environmentally friendly business, we assure you that all Parts will be recycled as required.

In our professional experience replacing a garage door offers the best return on investment regardless of whether you want to sell the home or continue living in it. Plus professional installation means that you can get years of service life without any problems.

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