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Garage Door Openers, Repair & Installation Services

We are leading garage door opener experts specializing in installation and repair. Our team understands garage door openers inside and outside. As some of the most experienced professionals, there is no opener we cannot install and repair. What’s more is the fact that we are capable of fixing any garage door quickly and efficient while at an affordable price point. Additionally, our garage door openers, repair & Installation Services come backed by a solid warranty. So, our clients know the value they are getting.

Garage Door Opener Issues

If you currently want to replace the existing garage door opener, it may be because it has many chronic issues. Most openers will last just a few years, on average five years if they are well maintained. After five to seven years the Parts are worn out and may need to be replaced. Sometimes getting them repaired will cost you as much as a new one. So, it is better just to bite the bullet and get the latest one. Plus, technology is rapidly evolving and so getting a new opener means you’ll enjoy better technology.

At Elite Garage Door our team specializes in both Clopay and LiftMaster garage door openers. These brands are regarded as being amongst the best, and we sometimes recommend them. But what you buy mainly depends on your budget. That said before you buy a new garage door opener it would be a good idea to have our specialists inspect it. If we see that buying a new opener is worth the extra money we will recommend it.

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Top Quality Garage Door Opener Repair

Many businesses may recommend that you install a new garage door opener because they are unable to handle the repairs. However, that’s not how we work. Our priority is to save you money and so repairing openers is a big part of our business. If we see that the opener can be repaired, we will do it. Generally, if the garage door gets stuck shut or open or if there is some physical damage we can fix it. We can also replace the required parts to ensure that you get a few more years of life out of it.

We also back all our garage door openers repair & installation services with an excellent warranty. That warranty covers our workmanship. So, if you are unsatisfied with the quality of work for some reason, we will do it again.

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We Can Help You Find the Right Garage Opener Too

Many regular clients will often call us to find out which is the best garage door opener in our experience. However, it is not limited to just our clients anybody can inquire about it. Though once again as stated above before you buy a new garage door opener allow our professionals to examine it. In 90% of the cases if the garage door opener has not been through previous repairs we can fix it reliably. That said call us to find out more about our garage door openers repair & installation services.

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