How to opt For A Garage Door Replacement Before Putting It Up for Sale?

//How to opt For A Garage Door Replacement Before Putting It Up for Sale?

How to opt For A Garage Door Replacement Before Putting It Up for Sale?

Many people who want to sell their home often think if that old garage door is going to drag down the price. We are by no means real-estate brokers or have any experience buying and selling real estate. However, the real estate brokers we spoke to all told us that a shiny new garage door motivates buyers to buy. The good news is that garage door replacement does not have to be expensive.

A new garage door is a great way to increase the amount you get and makes the home easier to sell. If you’ve decided to replace the garage door, the after-mentioned tips should help you.

The Pricing Matters

Focusing on pricing when you want to replace a garage door is important. Sure, you want to spend some money to ensure that you make it up by selling the home at a slightly higher price and sooner than what is otherwise expected. However, once you set a budget, you can then go about finding a garage door that fits that budget. You can also speak to a garage door service who should help give you an idea of what you can expect to pay.

Choose the Best Model with Your Budget

Unless you have unlimited money, we don’t advise that you buy the most expensive garage door. Get something that looks nice and which adds to your home’s curb appeal. Plus an energy efficient model with a lot of safety features is always a good buy.

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Get Professional Garage Door Replacement

We understand that there are many videos online that make installing your own garage door look simple, but it isn’t. Installing it on your own can be dangerous. Hiring a professional service will cost a little, but it will ensure that the garage door is installed correctly. Plus, it ensures that the warranty is intact.

Save the Paperwork

Your new garage door is going to come accompanied with a bit of paperwork which may seem irrelevant. Things like the warranty, features, etc. are all worth keeping. You can then give this to the new owners who will find it very useful.

Add the New Garage Door to the Listing

Garage door replacement is major, and so you’ll want to add this to the listing. Also, tell the real estate broker about the new garage door. After all, a new garage door is a major selling point that you should be leveraging.


Garage door replacement isn’t rocket science, yet many people find it hard to get done right especially when they are in the hurry of selling the home. Always do your research and find out what you are getting into. Also, speak to the broker in our area to find out how much of a difference a new garage door will make to the selling price to evaluate if it is worth the effort.

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