What is a Secure Garage Door?

//What is a Secure Garage Door?

What is a Secure Garage Door?

Buyers in America always want to invest in the most secure garage door that they can afford. After all, nobody wants their garage and consequently their home broken into. However, the fact is that many garage doors that are passed off as being secure aren’t. Many of them can be easily broken into. So, as a homeowner you need to know what defines a secure garage door and what is available. That’s is exactly what we are discussing in this article.

What Makes a Garage Door Secure?

Many of the older garage doors come with either a twin or single cable latching which has been shown to be less secure. Most locks and older doors can be broken into without making much of a racket since the latch is mainly just secured to the wooden frame and so it can be opened with some force from the outside. More recently manufacturers have introduced two latch or locking points, and some even use steel rods as opposed to a cable. However, the most secure ones are where the locks and latches are welded into the steel frame or a steel plate. If anything it minimizes the chances of the lock being forced open.

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Which Garage Doors are Secure?

Ideally, a secure or security garage door should consist of multi-layer high gauge stainless steel sheets. The manual locks should be welded into the metal so that they can’t be pushed open. However, homeowners should also invest in secure garage doors with electronic locking options too if they have the budget since they are a lot more secure.

Whether you buy aluminum or steel insulated sectional garage doors or roller shutter doors you will want to buy ones that are properly reinforced so that it thwarts opportunist attacks. Double skinned steel hinged swing doors are another great option. If it is timber garage doors that you want, then make sure that it is double skinned too.

Get the Garage Door Installed Professionally

You can buy a $10k garage door which is guaranteed to be secure, and even that can be compromised if it isn’t professionally installed. By professional installation, we mean that it should be installed by a company that has experience installing security garage doors.

When a garage door is professionally installed, it isn’t easily broken into since the installation company understands how the door can be compromised and installs it accordingly. Not to mention the fact that professionally installed garage doors last longer and so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down because of incorrect installation methods.


If you are still not sure about which garage door is more secure or what can be purchased with your budget, then we can help you. Our word of advice is never to buy a secure garage door without reading reviews and speaking to local experts.

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